Wrapper Flex RTA
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Wrapper Flex RTA


Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper Flex RTA

The RTA automatic stretch wrapping system is the fastest way to boost your end-of-line packaging efficiency by eliminating the need for operators to manually attach the film tail to the load, then cut and secure the film tail at the end of the cycle. The RTA stretch wrapper automatically performs these functions so your operators simply place the load, pull a handing lanyard to start the cycle, and attend to other duties. When they return the load is securely wrapped and ready to be removed.


•20" Insta-Thread™ Film Carriage with standard 260% pre-stretch, wraps to within 3" of floor
•Labor saving film tail attach, cut & wipe automatically secures film
•Revo-Logic technology with photo-eye sensors for precise application of programmed wraps — maximizing load containment and film yield, and automatic load height sensing photo-eye
•Separate up and down film carriage speed control and top and bottom adjustable wrap counts
•Automatic force-to-load control