Fluorescent Tags

Fluorescent shipping tags allow you to efficiently identify and categorize inventory. Their high-visibility feature guarantees that your important packages won‘t be overlooked, making them ideal for busy warehouses, shipping departments, and inventory control. We offer an array of colors and three options to cater to your specific requirements: plain, pre-strung, and pre-wired. 

The plain fluorescent tags are versatile; you can attach them with cotton string or wire (available separately). The pre-strung tags come with unpolished cotton strings looped through the reinforced eyelet, allowing for quick and convenient attachment. The pre-wired tags, on the other hand, feature a 26-gauge wire that offers secure fastening, making these tags especially suitable for heavier items or when a sturdier attachment is needed.

Eye-catching fluorescent tags facilitate quick identification and sorting, reducing the risk of misplacement and errors. Each tag features a reinforced, tear-resistant eyelet to ensure durability and longevity. Organize and identify items efficiently with bright and durable fluorescent shipping tags.