Envelopes & Mailers

For the best value and selection of envelopes and mailers for your shipping and packaging needs, you know you can depend on PackSmart. Our array of mailing supplies makes it faster and easier to ensure recipients receive items intact. Envelopes and mailers also preserve the confidentiality of enclosed documents. Plus, their quality construction communicates professionalism to customers and partners.  


Envelopes and mailers made with durable materials, including water-resistant and tear-proof options, help items withstand the rigors of transit. Paper envelopes with clasps, gummed seals, or peal-and-seal closures streamline secure sealing. Flat mailers protect flat items such as documents, photographs, and artwork from bending, creasing, and environmental damage during shipping. Our dimensional mailers accommodate bulkier products and assemble in seconds.  


Curious about leveling up your packaging operations? Shop our selection of bagging systems and see how you can optimize your shipping and packaging needs.


For over 40 years, we’ve helped businesses all over the United States upscale their operations. Contact us today for information about pricing, or if you’d like to set up a consultation about optimizing the packaging side of your company.