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Stretch Wrappers

Stretch Wrap Turntables

A stretch wrap turntable is a vital tool in today's fast-paced manufacturing and distribution sectors. The mechanized platform secures goods on a pallet, turning and wrapping them with a stretch wrap for safe transportation. Turntables not only enhance efficiency but also drastically reduce the risk of damage during shipment, ensuring your products reach their destination in pristine condition. 

PackSmart's wrapping turntables come equipped with programmable settings for consistent wrapping from one load to another. This feature ensures uniform product treatment, enhancing the reliability of your packaging process and eliminating the potential for human error, leading to increased efficiency and quality control in your operations.  

Stretch wrap turntables are durable and user-friendly. Shop our selection of high-profile pallet wrappers for larger, heavier pallet loads and low-profile pallet wrappers for smaller, lighter pallet loads. 

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