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Claim Tag

Our high-quality claim check tags assist in efficient and accurate item tracking of personal items, such as outerwear and baggage. These pre-strung tags save valuable time during the tagging process. Consecutive numbering simplifies inventory management and reduces the risk of errors. 

Available in both vibrant green and classic manila, claim tags cater to a range of preferences and requirements. Thanks to this tag’s perforated tear-off section, you can easily and cleanly remove a portion of the tag to hand to a customer or use for record-keeping purposes. The heavy 13-point stock material ensures the claim check tag’s durability and professional appearance.

Well-designed claim tags streamline the tagging process and inventory management. Reduce the likelihood of losses or mix-ups and enhance customer satisfaction with this reliable method of item retrieval. Shop with us today for pre-strung, consecutively numbered claim check tags. 

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