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Wrap Dispensers

Experience the next level of packaging efficiency with PackSmart's state-of-the-art stretch wrap dispensers. Wrap dispensers streamline the application of stretch wrap onto pallets so that your packages withstand the rigors of transportation.  

By ensuring consistent wrap tension, the dispenser reduces material waste, increases packaging speed, and significantly minimizes the risk of product damage. Thanks to its ergonomic design, workers can dispense the wrap while walking. This reduces the risk of back strain or injury associated with traditional hand-wrapping methods where workers often have to bend and twist their bodies to apply the stretch wrap around the pallet. 

Our top-sheet dispenser (TSD) efficiently dispenses a top sheet of stretch wrap over the pallet, providing a shield against dust, water, and other potential damage during storage and transportation. By integrating a TSD into your packaging process, your business can significantly reduce product damage, providing substantial cost savings in the long run. Improve stretch-wrap efficiency and effectiveness with our wrap dispensers today. 

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