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Shrink Tubing

Shrink Wrap Tubing

Shrink tubing protects products from dirt, dust, and moisture during shipping and storage. This packaging material can accommodate products in a range of sizes, but the unique length makes it well-suited for elongated items like curtain rods, flag poles, and rolls of gift wrapping. 

Shrink wrap tubing comes with two pre-sealed sides. Place your products into the tube, then cut it to create custom-length shrink bags. You can use either automatic or portable packaging equipment to seal the wrap. 

The crystal-clear, high-gloss film displays items in an eye-catching way. PackSmart carries rolls of shrink tubing in various widths ranging from 4 to 34 inches.  

Let us help you find the right packaging materials for your products. Order shrink wrap tubing today to improve product protection and presentation. 

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