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L-Shaped Shrink Wrap Systems

Eastey shrink wrap machines have reliable and durable L-Bar Sealers that handle a variety of applications at a cost-effective price. Eastey Performance Series L-Bar Sealers feature:

L-bar sealers wrap products in a film, then use a heated L-bar to seal the edges, creating a fully enclosed package that is secure and has a professional appearance. The robust construction of L-sealer machines means you can count on them to deliver consistent, high-quality results. 

Integrating an L-bar sealer into your operations will increase packaging speed, efficiency, and efficacy. Safeguard products from dust and moisture to maintain the quality of your products and reduce the risk of returns or customer complaints. The user-friendly L-sealer has an easy-to-use interface, and the machine’s programmable logic controller controls the timing, position, and speed of the sealing process. 

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