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Kraft Tape

Crafted from paper pulp, kraft tape creates a strong seal suitable for a wide range of packaging needs—from sealing boxes to bundling items for shipping. Kraft paper tape may be water-activated or pressure-activated and reinforced or non-reinforced. Each design feature offers different benefits in adhesive strength and resistance to tears. 

Extreme temperature fluctuations do not degrade the adhesive properties of water-activated tape, also known as gummed tape. Water-activated tape has a unique adhesive formula that activates upon contact with water. The resilience of water-activated Kraft tape makes it indispensable for shipping and storage in environments subject to extreme temperatures. 

Reinforced kraft tape contains fiberglass filaments that run between the tape’s paper sheets, enhancing strength and resistance against tearing. This makes it particularly suitable for heavier packages or those that require additional security during shipment. On the other hand, non-reinforced kraft tape lacks these filaments, offering a more cost-effective solution for lighter packages.

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