Plastic Bins

Store, organize, and transport inventory in long-lasting plastic bins. Stackability and labeling options make it easier for employees to locate and access items quickly. Plastic bins can also significantly reduce the risk of damage to assets during storage and transport.

Fabricated from FDA-compliant polypropylene resins, our reusable plastic shelf bins are waterproof and resistant to grease and oil. Each bin has a label holder for clear identification of contents. You can affix the plastic shelf bins to panels or rails using the built-in rear hanglock, then tilt the bin toward you for easy viewing and unobstructed access to contents. 

In addition to our comprehensive selection of plastic bins, we also offer specialized plastic bin dividers to organize bin contents. These dividers fit securely within the bins, creating distinct sections for better item segregation and accessibility. Tailor inventory management with plastic bin dividers for stack and hang bins and plastic shelf bins.