Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailer envelopes consist of a durable outer layer, which is typically made of paper or plastic, and a cushioned interior lined with bubble wrap. This unique construction absorbs shocks and impacts, ensuring the safety of the contents inside. Businesses frequently use bubble mailers to send small, fragile items, such as jewelry, electronics, or pharmaceuticals.  

The mailer’s outer material and closure also enhance packaging security. Peel-and-stick closures create secure, tamper-evident seals. Specialty outer material offers unique protective or aesthetic benefits. For example, cool shield mailers have a thermal outer layer for maintaining safe temperatures, while glamour bubble mailers have an attractive metallic finish. 

Reliable packaging improves a business’s bottom line and builds a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. While bubble mailer envelopes offer superior padded protection compared to regular envelopes, the air-filled bubble wrap keeps the packaging lightweight to minimize postage costs. Shop our selection of bubble mailers for cost-effective product protection.