Hand Held Dispensers

Industrial - Tape Logic®
Quick side loading dispensers with adjustable brake to control tension.
Heavy Duty - Tape Logic®
Sturdy steel and high-impact plastic construction with adjustable tension control.
Comfort Grip - Tape Logic®
Quick side loading dispensers with adjustable tension and comfort grip.
Seal Safe - Tape Logic®
Blade moves forward to cut tape and then retracts back inside.
Work Horse - Tape Logic®
Natural rubber roller and heat-treated blades provide smooth tape release. Features high-impact plastic, a metal loading gate and a durable, reinforced steel frame with steel tension control knob.
Deluxe - Tape Logic®
Adjustable, plastic, tension control knob, plastic tape roller and heat-treated steel blade make tape application effortless.
Top Gun - Tape Logic®
Features a reinforced steel frame with a high-impact, plastic, tension control knob and a plastic loading gate.
Mouse Trap - Tape Logic®
Economical, spring-loaded tape holder.
Long Roll - Tape Logic®
Delivers twice the length of quality carton sealing tape in the same size roll as traditional length tape.
Adhesives Transfer - Tape Logic®
Use to dispense all 1" core adhesive transfer tapes.
Economy Strapping - Tape Logic®
Smoothly dispenses and cuts Strapping Tape.
Heavy Duty Strapping - Tape Logic®
Smoothly dispenses and cuts Strapping Tape.
Lightweight - 3M™
Quality. 3M™. Hand-Held. Plastic Tape Dispensers for easy tape application.
Deluxe - 3M™
Combines features of popular roll-on and hand-held dispensers for easy, one-hand application.
Economy - Hand - 3M™
Ultra-lightweight, economical dispenser for carton sealing tape.
Heavy Duty - Hand - 3M™
Sturdy metal construction for durable, long-life performance.
Industrial - 3M™
Roll-on pistol grip dispenser for easy center seam closure of cases with built-in adjustable brake for tight, consistent seal.
Heavy Duty - Pistol - 3M™
Easy-to-use, cushioned, pistol-grip dispenser with retractable blade and adjustable tension makes applying carton sealing tape easy.
Economy - Pistol - 3M™
Economical and easy to use carton sealing Tape Dispenser.
Ergonomic - 3M™
Pistol grip dispenser ergonomically designed for user comfort.
Low-Noise - 3M™
Unique design dispenses tape quietly.
Adhesive Transfer - 3M™
A touch of your finger applies a precise strip of adhesive.
Adhesive Transfer Tape Adapter - 3M™
1/4" adapter for 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape Dispensers.
H12 Strapping  - 3M™
General purpose plastic dispenser features a hand brake that adds tension to the tape roll for quick an easy application.
H133 Strapping  - 3M™
This deluxe plastic dispenser cuts and buffs tape with one-hand motion.
HB901 Strapping - 3M™
The Tartan™ Hand-Held Dispenser is portable and economical.
Hand Applicator - 3M™
Inexpensive, reusable, squeegee type applicator.