PackSmart takes pride in successfully providing packaging solutions of quality and value for our customers. The PackSmart Proven Process®provides a road map for delivering those packaging solutions in a way that you can see with your own eyes.  With over 40 years of experience, our process is truly PROVEN.




Proven Process - Define The ProblemProven Process - Explore The CauseProven Process - Develop The PlanProven Process - Implement The SolutionProven Process - Continue To Improve




  • Conduct packaging assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Plant tour
  • Analysis of packaging strengths & weaknesses
  • Determine company’s key metrics
  • Establish operational goals
  • Identify opportunities





  • Determine root cause of problems to be solved
  • Set metrics to target





  • Explore ways to enhance operations through:
    • Workplace efficiencies
    • Material costs
    • Waste reduction
    • Labor utilization
    • Ergonomics
  • Develop solutions
  • Establish viability
  • Conduct site visits & demos
  • Begin on-site trial








  • Create detailed implementation plan
  • Conduct on-site employee training
  • Implement solution
  • Go-Live







    • PackSmart’s support team works to:
      • Monitor improvements over baseline
      • Provide progress reports
      • Minimize downtime through preventive maintenance