Shredders & Balers

Industrial Shredder Machines and Cardboard Balers

PackSmart's selection of industrial shredder machines simplifies waste management by cutting materials into smaller pieces for disposal or recycling. Shredder machines can significantly improve handling and processing efficiency by reducing waste volume. 

Industrial paper shredders can destroy sensitive documents, helping to maintain confidentiality and security. A cross-cut shredder produces small, confetti-like pieces, while a strip-cut shredder cuts the paper into long, straight strips. Both types are ideal for organizations dealing with sensitive data. 

Shredder machines are an environmentally friendly solution for small and large businesses. They are capable of shredding cardboard waste into packaging material, helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Industrial cardboard balers streamline the recycling process by compacting loose cardboard into dense blocks. By compressing loose cardboard into easy-to-handle bales, businesses can more efficiently utilize their disposal areas, freeing up valuable space for other operations. Moreover, baling can streamline waste management processes, saving time that would otherwise be spent on handling and transporting loose cardboard. 

Whether you run a small- or large-scale operation, an on-site industrial cardboard baler can make it easier to achieve your sustainability goals. Baling reduces the volume of waste, leading to fewer pickups and lower transportation costs and carbon emissions. Furthermore, businesses can often sell baled cardboard to recycling centers to create an additional revenue stream and offset the costs of waste management.