Our History

Packsmart warehouses

       PackSmart, Inc. was founded by Donald Ross in 1979. The original name of the company was Central Staple & Shipping Supplies, Inc.  It was shortened in 1987, removing the “Staple &” from the name. The current name was established in 2002.  The PackSmart main warehouse and offices are located in West Chicago. PackSmart currently services the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin trading area along with a handful of National Accounts.  We continue to be a family-owned business with four family members active in the business, including Don’s sons Sean (CEO) and Scott (CFO).

       The company had an original focus on stapling and strapping, due to Don’s expertise.  The company began to migrate in the mid 80’s to a full-service supplier of all packaging mediums, which included an emphasis and shift to in-the-box cushioning and void fill products.  The company’s evolution over the years went from a simple supply distributor to its present-day role as a team of problem-solving professionals with a strong emphasis on the automation of warehouse facilities.  In addition, we offer full support of our equipment with a readily-available service team.  Our purpose is to be a full-service provider, so we can assist our customers in their packaging operations every step of the way.

PackSmart Family Photo

From left to right: Scott, Don, and Sean Ross (circa. 2004)




       Ch-ch-ch-changes…I am reminded of the David Bowie song from 1971. Change is at the core of innovation.  To innovate, one must make change within something already established.  This fundamental principle is at the heart of PackSmart – to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.  Having been involved in the packaging industry for nearly 40 years, I can state with certainty that change can serve as a wellspring of opportunity.

       In the spirit of innovation, PackSmart has continually embraced change as new technologies and methods have become available.  We have developed and refined our own platform for conducting E-Commerce.  As our customer, you can download machine manuals from our website portal, view YouTube videos directly on our site and see customized pricing with your customer specific access. We have invested in our showroom to be able to exhibit the latest in equipment solutions from our manufacturer partners. Our machinery and system offerings have branched out to include conveyor solutions and the early stages of how robotics can assist in the operations of a warehouse.

       PackSmart has been using an operating system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) since 2009. EOS has allowed us to have a well-defined structure in which our employees can grow, feel more fulfilled in their work, and achieve their personal goalsEOS also helps our employees feel more “in-the-know” about what is going on at PackSmart.  This operating system has helped define our culture and develop our Proven Process® for conducting business.

       However, in the same spirit of innovation, we cannot rest on our laurels. In order to build trusted business relationships, and to continue to do so, we actively work to ensure that our relationships never become simply transactional. At PackSmart, we strive to demonstrate to each of our customers that they matter to us.  We are not just the name of a company, but a group of people, a family, that will do whatever it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver top notch solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. We welcome inquiries and look forward to becoming a partner in your success!

Sean Ross 2

Sean Ross

President of PackSmart, Inc