Stretch Film

Rely on PackSmart for great value on all stretch film supplies and dispensing equipment. We carry a wide variety of stretch film products designed to suit the needs of medium- to large-sized businesses. 


Our selection includes anti-static, color, and printed warning stretch film wraps that enhance shipping and handling. Anti-static hand stretch film protects sensitive electronic shipments from static discharge. Color stretch film improves inventory control and carrier identification. Printed warning stretch film communicates handling instructions and hazard warnings clearly, eliminating the need for labels. 


Superior stretch film wrap also improves the packaging process. Pre-stretch industrial stretch film, which is thinner and stronger than standard options, provides more coverage with less material, reduces waste, and improves cost efficiency. After wrapping the load, the pre-stretch wrap contracts slightly, ensuring a tighter and more secure hold. 

Is the manual application of stretch film slowing down your operations? Optimize your shipping and packing operations with our high-quality stretch wrapping machines.

Shop our selection below and contact us for information about pricing and placing your order.