Shrink Film Rolls

PackSmart carries a variety of shrink film rolls for food and non-food packaging. Quality packaging products enhance product protection and presentation.  

Polyolefin shrink film is a premium shrink wrap. It can wrap irregularly shaped items thanks to its puncture resistance and strong seal strength. Polyolefin shrink film securely seals perishable food items, preserving their freshness and flavor.  

Non-food PVC packaging can wrap a range of consumer products for tamper-proof protection. The clarity and gloss of our shrink film rolls will give your products a sleek, professional appearance. 

The higher the shrink film’s gauge number, the thicker the film. We carry 60-, 75-, and 100-gauge polyolefin shrink film that meets FDA requirements for food contact. We also offer non-food packaging PVC shrink film rolls in 50-, 60-, 75-, and 100-gauge.  

Deliver an exceptional unboxing experience. Place your order for shrink film rolls, or contact us to learn more. 

Polyolefin Shrink Film
Multi-layer, biaxially oriented shrink film requires no dwell time. Meets FDA requirements for food contact.
Reynolon® 5044 PVC Shrink Film
Soft touch, medium biaxial shrinkage, non-food packaging.