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Transfer Tape

Adhesive transfer tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tape that consists of a thin layer of adhesive film with a liner. This design allows for easy application and ensures a strong bond between smooth surfaces. Use transfer tape to create a strong invisible bond upon application for various industrial and craft purposes.

Transfer tape creates a professional and seamless appearance. To apply the tape, press the exposed adhesive side firmly to one of the surfaces you want to bond. Once the tape is in place, peel the liner and bring the second surface into contact with the exposed adhesive, applying pressure to secure the bond.

Ideal for mounting, bonding, and fixing, adhesive transfer tape invisibly secures your components with a strong hold. Its unique design smoothly adheres materials together without the mess of traditional glues or the bulkiness of looped tape. Shop for transfer tape to simplify your assembly process, enhance product presentation, and reduce material costs. 

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