Formers & Erectors

Case Erectors and Formers

PackSmart is a leading supplier of high-quality case erectors and tray formers for packaging production efficiency. A case erector is a highly effective machine that automates the case-packing process, folding and shaping flat cardboard into boxes with precision and speed. Similarly, tray formers transform flat cardboard into sturdy trays, ready to hold your products securely.  

Faulty cases and trays can cause problems ranging from product damage, packaging inefficiencies, and negative brand reputation. Automating the process ensures uniform case and tray size and quality, eliminating potential issues with manual box assembly. 

Our machines are engineered for reliability, efficiency, and durability, ensuring consistent production with minimal downtime. They offer easy setup and operation, delivering perfectly formed cases and trays every time. Whether you're packing light products or heavy goods, our case erectors and tray formers guarantee excellent performance and improved productivity.