Shrink Wrap Systems

PackSmart offers a variety of shrink wrap systems, such as our numerous selections of shrink wrap machines that aid in boosting line productivity. These systems consist of L-Bar Sealers, Tunnels, Sleeving, and shrink-bundling machines for industrial shrink wrapping. 

Often used in the packing industry, our equipment can also be used for food service. With a heated shrink wrap tunnel machine, your item is passed through a tunnel to shrink the wrapping, and is then sealed for shipment. This equipment can shrink an array of different films, from PVC, polyethylene, to polyolefin. Industrial shrink wrap machines come with speedy conveyor belts that add proficiency to timing. Certain systems come equipped with operator controls, to ensure accurate settings for your applications. 

Take advantage of our shrink wrap systems today, and browse our selection of industrial shrink wrap machines today.  

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