Wexxar HL-100 HSC Lidder
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Wexxar HL-100 HSC Lidder

Product #: WHL100HSC

IPak’s Model HL-100 fully automatic HSC lidder will apply an HSC style lid or cover to a pre-formed open top tray.

The lidder is suitable for a wide range of sizes and compatible with many standard open top tray designs. The HL100 is a stand alone machine that is positioned downstream of a tray former. The HL-100 will accept trays that are conveyed with their open top facing one side, as typically discharged from most standard vertical format tray formers. Alternatively, the HL-100 will accept trays that are conveyed upright and it will tip them onto one side. The HL-100 is intended for handling empty trays. However, in some select cases where the product in the tray is stable, the HL-100 will accommodate pre-packed trays.


• The conveyor of this machine maximizes the use of the drive train  
• Equipped with an easy one stop button that instantly halts machinery functions 
• Has a tri-color display that monitors tray hoppers and jams that may occur 
• Integrated tray tipping mechanism that allows for easier loading/unloading on the machine 
• Allows for more precise control of the machine functions and overall productivity