Wexxar DEKKA Cadet
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Wexxar DEKKA Cadet

Product #: XDEKKACAD

This is the standard tape head for applying 2” wide tape. The Cadet series heads provide consistent application performance for most low to mid speed tape sealing lines.

With DEKKA’s open side frame design, tape loading is simple and easy. Loading can be done in 30 seconds or less without removing the tape head or taking the machine out of adjustment. Reduces down time and costly production delays. In conventional tape heads, feed rolls pull tape along its edges where breaks actually occur. DEKKA’s exclusive No Break Tape system advances the tape along its centerline, avoiding edge stress and helping to prevent tape breaks. Eliminates delays and lost production.


• Provides application of tape at low to mid speed production lines 
• The machine physically guides the tape and leaves very little margin for error 
• The finish on the steel plates of the machine provides added durability and machine life 
• Four preset leverage points allow for different levels of tension on the tape being affixed  
• Wide open side frame to allow easy removal or placement of tape (under 30 seconds)