Wexxar A32 Rotary Accumulation Tables
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Wexxar A32 Rotary Accumulation Tables

Product #: WA32RAT

Rotary Product Accumulation Tables

The Rotary Accumulation Tables manufactured by the Belcor Division of Wexxar Packaging are, when handling food products, intended for handling packaged food only, not raw or processed food without an intact and sanitary outer covering. The construction of the Tables does not have a full washdown classification and does not allow for aggressive washdown of the entire machine. However, the rotating table surfaces are made from type 304 stainless steel and can accept cleaning procedures suitable for that material. The machine is not intended for use in a primary food packaging area, and is not designed for a daily caustic washdown environment.


•The rotary table has type 304 stainless steel surfaces that allow for more thorough cleaning of food products residue
•The table quickly brings packaged food materials to packaging employees
•Brackets and overall height available for special order for more personalized needs
•The finish on the steel plates of the machine provides added durability and machine life
•Lockable wheels at the feet of the machine allows users to transport and secure the machine