Signode Z20-LPK
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Signode Z20-LPK

Product #: Z20LPK

Automatic Lumber Strapping System

The Z20-LPK strapping system is designed to unitize green or rough cut lumber at the sawmill prior to kiln drying, improving your company’s productivity and profitability. The innovative Z20-LPK combines an easy to maintain modular strapping system with specially engineered plastic strap to eliminate the handling of loose lumber loads, minimize board loss and degradation during the handling and drying process, and eliminate manual batten positioning in the storage yard.



•The finish on the steel plates of the machine provides added durability and machine life
•Components of this model are easy to remove and maintain making it so that downtown is reduced during maintenance
•This model reduces the amount of lumber loads lost through strapping application
•Boards are stacked in a way to reduce warping, twisting, and otherwise disfigurement of wood that is drying
•Modular design makes for simpler operation and reduced training times