Sharp Max 12
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Sharp Max 12

Product #: MAX12

Sharp MAX 12

The Sharp MAX 12™ continuous roll bagging systems are versatile machines offering advanced technology and other key features to make the most of your auto bagging operations. The built-in Videojet DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer printer greatly improves productivity and throughput by imprinting bar codes, graphics and fonts directly onto the package.


•This machine has a color display to present operators with production relevant information 
•Allows for more precise control of the machine functions and overall productivity
•This model prints 50% faster than it's competitors
•Lighter materials used in components allow for moving parts to move faster and lower print times
•Bags up to 12" Wide
  • Machine Dimensions : 45.3 x 39.7 x 46.3"
  • Machine Weight : 293 lbs.
  • Pneumatic Requirements : 80 psi
  • Bag Width Range : 2 – 20"
  • Bag Length Range : 3.5 – 32"
  • Film Gauge Range : 1 mil – 4 mil