RoboTier Hybrid Robotic Palletizer
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RoboTier Hybrid Robotic Palletizer

Product #: HYBRIDPAL

RoboTier provides advanced capabilities and performance — with no robot programming

Robotic palletizing has become an increasingly accepted alternative to traditional layer palletizing, but the solution is not without challenges. Typical robot palletizing experiences limits on products that can be handled, performance issues with deviations in product uniformity, special training to handle complexities of robot programming, large footprint, custom integration, and the expense of support. All these shortcomings are eliminated with RoboTier.


•1-3 Layers per minute
•RoboTier utilizes end of arm tooling that supports product from the bottom, allowing higher speed robot motion and advanced product handling security
•Equipped with an Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC master controller and B&R PC 12" color touchscreen HMI
•Safety has been integrated into every aspect of the RoboTier design to meet all industry standards utilizing a category 3 safety cage frame design with light curtain protection of load exit, redundant hoist fall protection, controlled entrance protocols, and Fanuc safety systems. 
•Products: case, bag, bundle, display pallet