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Product #: PADIT

Automatic Paper Pad Placing

The Pad’it!® is a unique in-line automated packing machine that cuts high-quality Ranpak paper pads and automatically places them into the box before picking. When a box is dropped, it often (around two-thirds of the time) falls on its bottom – the most vulnerable part. The all new Pad’it!® system automates box lining by automatically placing protective paper pads that are adapted to the box footprint.



•Pad’it® places high-quality paper pads directly into the box, protecting fragile products during shipment to the final user. Ranpak has been a specialist in protecting fragile item since 1972.
•Uses paper pads that are 100% renewable, reusable, and recyclable.
•After product picking, operators can arrange the paper pad previously placed in the parcel, reflecting the shape and type of goods to protect.
•Pad’it!® can produce and place paper pads in the parcel at a speed of 900 boxes per hour to cope with high production peaks.
•Great for delicate products such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.