OVS Series Orbital Continuous Motion Vertical Wrap
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OVS Series Orbital Continuous Motion Vertical Wrap

Product #: OVSSOCMVW

OVS Series Orbital Continuous Motion Vertical Wrappers

The Texwrap OVS Series Vertical Seal Systems are ideal for end-of-filling-line shrink packaging. Now products such as bottles, cans and jars can be wrapped while in the vertical position. The OVS Series machines use a full top trim seal instead of a lap seal to securely enclose the product. In addition to providing an outstanding seal, this eliminates the unsightly seam across the side panel of the package common with other machines. Often used to multipack for retail sale, the precise product and film control of the OVS series allows high speed operation with precise print registration. Combine with an Automatic Label Positioning System (Orientor) and all the labels in of a multipack of product will be facing precisely the same direction. The sealing head on these wrappers is Texwrap's patented servo orbital-motion head. This eliminates the need for the head to move with the product while the seal is being made which dramatically increases the throughput speed of the wrapper. In addition, they have the capability to infinitely vary the speed of the exit conveyor which allows it to be slowed momentarily as the seal is being made to relieve tension on the film for superior seals using the absolute minimum amount of film. Reduction of maintenance requirements is an important part of the design of every Texwrap wrapper. These systems use “Generation 3” servo technology meaning that it was designed from the ground up to integrate servo technology, PLC control, and the mechanical elements of the machine. The result is a fast, reliable, and flexible wrapper with minimal moving parts, minimal maintenance requirements and maximum performance.


•5-axis servo controlled seal jaws allowing operation at a higher rate and still maintain consistent, precision seals.
•Independent conveyor control allows relaxed film at cross seal and transitions.
•Upstream/downstream handshaking, feeder controls, optional quick connect cable system for additional equipment.
•Internal scrap take up with advanced oscillating guide, film break, take up reel alarms and quick release spool.
•Texwrap patented Motion Trim™ Technology that increases throughput by the running infeed and exit conveyors while seal jaws are in motion.