Lift Seal Heat Sealer 18 LS
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Lift Seal Heat Sealer 18 LS

Product #: LSHS18

Lift Seal Heat Sealer 18 LS

The Rennco Model 18 LS heat sealer is ready for use after a short "warm-up" period. You simply adjust the temperature control knob on the heat sealing equipment for the material being used, place the edge of the bag in the seal area, lift the safety bar, and the lift seal automatically makes a 1/2" seal with approximately 30 PSI of consistent sealing pressure. In approximately 2 seconds, the lower safety bar on the heat sealer automatically opens for easy removal of the bag. Constant temperature is maintained by an internal digital heat control during the sealing process. The lift seal heat sealer will not cycle if an object exceeding 1/8" thick is in the sealing area, providing safe operation. The Rennco 18 LS Lift Seal heat sealer is quick as well as easy to operate and maintain. The lower silicone rubber bar is raised by a rugged mechanical drive to meet the stationary 1/2" wide heated sealing bar above. This bar is covered with a special "non-stick" fabric which is manually advanced by a simple turn of a knob as the fabric becomes worn. The fabric roll is ample for months of use and is quickly replaced by snapping the new roll into position.


•Simple, economical machine specificallydesigned for bagging of surgical instruments andsupplies
•Compact and lightweight table top mode
•The Lift Seal™ Heat Sealer will not cycle if anobject exceeding 1/8 " thick is in the sealing area,providing safe operation.
•Seals flat or gusseted paper/plastic, TYVEK™,Autopack™, and dust cover pouches; up to 24"wide with a ½" seal
•Model LS-18D seals pouches up to 18" wideModel LS-24D seals pouches up to 24" wide(Both produce a ½” seal)