ISS Series Intermittent Motion Side Sealers
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ISS Series Intermittent Motion Side Sealers

Product #: ISSIMSS

ISS Series Intermittent Motion Side Sealers

The ISS Intermittent Motion Side Sealer is Texwrap’s offering for applications requiring the wrapping of products at moderate speed where product length or height exceeds the capacity of an L-sealer. Texwrap's ISS series machines are flexible enough to wrap anything from a deck of cards to a bundle of wood flooring. With film/conveyor speeds of 100 feet per minute, the ISS has plenty of speed to handle a variety of applications. Flexibility and ease-of-use are hallmarks of Texwrap ISS Series design. With standard autospacing control, horizontal as well as vertical photoeyes, and the ability to precisely vary the conveyor speeds to relax the film between products, the ISS series can accommodate randomly fed or choke-spaced product and accurately separate them for reliable, consistent packages using the absolute minimum amount of film.


•Patented Texwrap Versa Seal (TVS) technology
•Standard auto-spacing control using vertical and horizontal photoeyes
•Horizontal and vertical photoeye controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag length 
•Variable speed control with belt speed of 100 feet per minute
•Automatic autospace tuning feature adjusts machine to match upstream production