ID Tech iCon2 Laser Coder
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ID Tech iCon2 Laser Coder

Product #: ICON2LAS

iCon2 Laser Coder

iCON CO2 lasers use no ink. This means very low costs: no consumables budget and no ink system to maintain. And no ink means no mess and a cleaner, more hygienic production environment. Furthermore iCON lasers are intrinsically reliable: that means no breakdowns and low maintenance charges. Now price is no longer a reason not to use a laser for small character coding. iCON lasers delivers top quality performance at a competitive price. They are small and compact and easy to install even in the most difficult locations



•The touchscreen of this machine is easy to use and displays information on a banner to give immediate operator 
•Accepts ethernet connectivity to allow for a wider range of utility and networking
•A CO2 enclosed laser makes for a higher power for engraving
•Ionizes the air in the laser's path to create for mon conductive path and thus a cleaner engraving
•Depending on the purpose a 10w laser is available or a stronger 30w if necessary