HSM Securio AF500c Auto Feed Shredder
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HSM Securio AF500c Auto Feed Shredder

Product #: AF500C

Cross Cut Shredder with 3/16" x 1 1/8" cut size, 500 sheet capacity at security level P-4

HSM Securio AF500c Auto Feed Shredder is a document shredder whose superior qualities put it right in the top tiers of the data disposal markets. It specifications and technological features are ideal for high-end workplaces. Equipped with both an automatic feed and a manual one, it presents users with the unique multi-user ability that consumers demand. A stack consisting of up to 500 sheets can be placed in the automatic feed while the manual unit can handle up to 19 sheets at a time. The feeds have a sizeable throat of 9.5” that is enough for all officially used paper sizes. This paper shredder incorporates hardened steel cutting rollers that are capable of effortlessly shredding through materials like optical disks and plastic cards besides paper. These highly durable cutting rollers shred all material to 3/16” x 1 1/8” cross cut particles which provide an adequate measure of security and make it compliant with P-4 security ratings.



•Can hold up to 500 sheets to queue while shredding up to 7 pages per go
•Bin capacity 21.7 gallons
•Can shred paper, paper clips, and staples
•Jam prevention technology to preemptively attempt to prevent jams
•EcoSmart technology uses minimal energy