HSM Pure 320 Strip Cut Shredder
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HSM Pure 320 Strip Cut Shredder

Product #: PURE320

Strip Cut Shredder with 1/4" cut size, 15-17 sheet capacity at security level P-2

HSM Pure 320 Strip Cut Shredder is a state of the art paper shredder built by HSM to cater to the needs of office workers/homes as a personal shredder. This document shredder is built with the best quality components manufactured in Germany, carefully designed to deliver exceptional performance. The hardened steel cutting rollers are protected by a lifetime warranty and are capable of effortlessly shredding through materials like credit cards, optical disks, staples, and paper clips. HSM Pure 320 sports desirable specifications for its users. With a sheet capacity of up to 18 sheets and a 9” wide input throat, it is a shredder perfect for commonly used paper sizes. The P-2 level of security is decent for use in personal work environments.

Data Sheets


•Can shred up to 18 sheets in one go
•Has a multifunction button with an option to reverse the motor
•Automatically starts when it detects paper
•Highly energy efficient with standby mode that uses zero power
•Inspection window to monitor waste paper levels in the bin