HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Converter
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HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Converter

Product #: HSMPP425

HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Converter is a one of its kind product by HSM, the industrial leader when it comes to creative work solutions. This cardboard shredder converts all kinds of cardboard sheets to a shock-absorbent, perforated layer of padding which qualifies as amazing packaging media. Having this in the workplace has a range of benefits. First of all, it is an outstanding tool for organizations that wish to adopt green work policies as it cuts the usage of non-environment-friendly packaging material by allowing the recycling of cardboard as suitable packaging material. Moreover, it enables owners to save money because of less expenditure on packaging.


  • Color : Light Grey
  • Electrical Requirements : 208 V
  • Noise Level : 67 dB
  • Intake Width : 16.7"
  • Machine Dimensions : 38 x 27.5 x 19"
  • Machine Weight : 386 lbs.
  • Loading Height : .79"