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Product #: SYNERGY4

Low Profile
High Profile

The Synergy 4 has 18 adjustable wrap settings, including an electronically controlled pre-stretch level which can be entered by touch screen from 0-600%, making this machine smart enough and versatile enough for laboratory testing of films. The all-steel construction, over-engineered drive and control systems, and use of industry standard components, make the Synergy 4 tough enough to stand up to decades of industrial use.

» Infinity Stretch allows exact adjustment of pre-stretch ration from 0 to 600% with the use of a touchscreen
» Durable design and all-steel construction make for long lasting and reliable use
» Advanced Dancer Bar corner compensation system allows for accurate film force applied to the entire pallet, even at high speeds
   Infinity Stretch

Infinity Stretch
Infinity Stretch allows for up to 600% stretch levels, giving you the highest level of stretch possible for whatever load you are wrapping, as well as provides two independent levels of stretch: one for the bottom of the load, and the other for the rest of the load.
 Advanced Dancer Bar

Advanced Dancer Bar
Corner compensation system allows for consistent containment force around the entire load. Our advanced dancer bar is easier on the film than any other system, allowing for faster wrapping and higher stretch levels.
   Fast Film Feed

Fast Film Feed
Fast Film Feed allows for quick roll changeover and fast, easy film threading for minimum effort.
 High or Low Profile

High or Low Profile
Highlight will build the correct system for your application. The Synergy 4 is available in either High or Low Profile. The High Profile can be easily loaded with a fork lift. The Low Profile can use an optional ramp for loading with hand pallet jacks.
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  • Infinity Stretch : Adjustable 0-600% by touchscreen
  • Turntable : Low Profile: 65” Diameter, 16 RPM | High Profile: 48 x 48" Octagonal, 12 RPM
  • Wrap Height : Low Profile: up to 80” | High Profile: up to 72”
  • Film Capacity : 10” Diameter, 10-20” Roll Width
  • Load Weight Capacity : Low Profile: 5,000 pounds | High Profile: 4,000 pounds
  • Control Logic : Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
  • Electrical Enclosures : NEMA 12
  • Motors : TEFC Baldor Motors
  • Electrical Requirements : 120 Volts, 20 Amp
  • Machine Weight : 2,100 pounds