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Simple and easy to use, the Predator SS is the affordable solution to stretch wrap your load without stretching your budget. The Predator SS is loaded with features, including top and bottom counters, photo eye, and two (2) wrapping modes. 

» Simplified Stretch allows you to precisely adjust the film stretch and force on your load, giving you greater film performance and utilization.
» INFO Screen allows for simple operation and helps make troubleshooting easy
» Simple and sturdy design makes the Predator SS an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable machine
   Simplified Stretch

Simplified Stretch
Simplified Stretch is easy to use, just turn the knob to adjust your film stretch and force on the load for better film performance and to best suit your wrapping needs.
 Control Panel

Control Panel
Programmable settings allow for consistent wrapping from load to load and maximum film savings.
   Semi-Automatic Controls

Semi-Automatic Controls
Photo eye and top and bottom wrap counters increase productivity and efficiency
 Advanced INFO Screen

Advanced INFO Screen
Provides system diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.


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  • Pre-Stretch Gears : Fully Adjustable 60% to 150%, Typical
  • Turntable : Low Profile: 60” Diameter, 12 RPM | High Profile: 48 x 48” Octagonal, 12 RPM
  • Wrap Height : Up to 80”
  • Carriage Lift Motor : Baldor 90 VDC
  • Control Logic : Microcontroller
  • Load Weight Capacity : 4,000 pounds
  • Wrap Modes : Spiral Up/Down and Spiral Up Only
  • Electrical Requirements : 115 Volts, 15 Amp
  • Machine Weight : 1,050 pounds
  • Options : Complete selection of options available for both High and Low Profile Models.