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The Predator Platinum improves productivity by automatically wrapping loads with just a push of the remote.The automatic film attach, cut, and wipe down is the most advanced in the industry and improves productivity by up to 40%. The Predator Platinum is a true fully automatic system with built-in features for increased productivity that are not available on other simpler automatics.

» Select-Stretch™ offers greater film performance with 230% and 270% gears
» Automation package includes remote control and film clamp, cut, and wipedown
» Touchscreen provides flexible controls, help screens, and allows for future upgrades
   Automatic Film Clamp, Cut, and Wipedown

Automatic Film Clamp, Cut, and Wipedown
Remote control starts wrap cycle. At the end of the cycle the film jaws grip the film and the hot wire severs the web. The whale tail brushes the film on the load for the best film wipe down in the industry.

Select Stretch™ allows you to quickly changes your pre-stretch level from 230% to 270% with the press of a button.
   Side-Mounted Carriage with Fast Film Feed

Side-Mounted Carriage with Fast Film Feed
Side mounted carriage with Fast Film Feed for easy and quick film threading.
 Advanced Electrical Controls

Advanced Electrical Controls
The touchscreen controls provide easy user flexibility for program changes and help screens. Control Panel swivels 360° for full viewing from virtually any angle.
    Leasing options are available! Click here for more information.
  • Pre-Stretch Gears : 230% and 270% Selectable
  • Turntable : Low Profile: 70” Diameter, 12 RPM| High Profile: 48”x48” Octagonal, 12 RPM
  • Wrap Height : 80” Standard, options up to 110”
  • Motors : AC (for lower maintenance)
  • Drive System : Variable Frequency
  • Load Weight Capacity : 4,000 pounds
  • Wrap Modes : Bottom Wraps First, Top Wraps First, Top First with Slow Turntable
  • Machine Weight : Low Profile: 1,220 pounds | High Profile: 1,500 pounds
  • Pneumatic Requirements : 3 cfm @ 80 psi shop air or optional air compressor
  • Electrical Requirements : 115 Volts, 15 Amp