Highlight Freedom 6500 Automatic
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Highlight Freedom 6500 Automatic

Product #: HL6500A


The rotating arm system allows for wrapping unstable loads at high speeds without shifting the product.

» Dual Power Hydro-Stretch™ provides infinite control of film on the load and at the pallet/load interface, increasing load security and film savings
» High speed wrapping arm and heavy duty design provide efficient and reliable operation
» Heavy Duty conveyors provide fully automatic and hands free operation, and increased production capabilities
   Dual Power Hydro-Stretch

Dual Power Hydro-Stretch™
The most advanced film delivery system available. The stretch percentage is unlimited because it is not controlled by gears and pulleys. It offers precise control of the film stretch and force.
   Film Cut and Seal

Film Cut and Seal
The hot bar film cut and wiping tail adhere the film to the load for clean, secure film wipe down. Lowering stretch levels at the end of the cycle creates 3 times the cling and more consistant film gripping by the jaws for better presentation and performance.
   Conveyor System

Conveyor System
Highlight-built heavy duty conveyors are perfectly integrated for precise and reliable function.
 Secure Wrapping

Secure Wrapping
The angled carriage wraps low to the conveyor so that the stretch film locks the pallet and load together, for sturdy and reliable unitization.
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  • Dual Power Hydro-Stretch™ : Fully Adjustable up to 500% Stretch
  • Rotary Arm Speed : 16 RPM Standard, up to 45 RPM available
  • Maximum Wrap Dimensions : 50 x 50 x 84”
  • Minimum Wrap Dimensions : 30 x 30 x 20"
  • Control Logic : Allen-Bradley PLC and NEMA 12 Control Pane
  • Load Weight Capacity : Up to 4,000 pounds, higher capacities available
  • Film Capacity : 10-20” Roll Width, 10” Diameter
  • Electrical Requirements : 480 VAC, 30 Amp
  • Pneumatic Requirements : 80 psi, 3 cfm
  • Options : Platform Automatic Models also available