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Product #: HELIX4

New automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm for high productivity.

The new Helix 4 EVO combines the performances of previous generations with the innovative characteristics of Robopac's EVO rotating arm stretch wrappers. It has evolved with a view to reducing maintenance time and operating costs, adopting innovative solutions such as replacing chains with toothed belts, bearings lubricated for life, a high accessibility to improve ergonomics and speed in the parts replacement and a reduction of energy consumptions. The modularity of the groups that compose it allows a wide versatility of use even in the presence of large pallets, being able to be equipped with the Top Inside covering device as a post installation upgrade, with minor modifications; the machine can also be equipped with a jumbo film reel with a larger diameter for greater working autonomy.


•Minimized radial dimensions
•Ultra-compact machine dimensions
•Easily installable into any site, even smallor difficult environmental conditions
•Fully control of pre-stretch and containment forceat every point, within recipe program directly on HMI
• Cube TechnologyTM Level 1 and Level 2 available