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Product #: FUTURAXL

Automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring for products with dimensions up to 75x75 inches

The rotating ring automatic stretch wrapping machines of the Genesis Futura range, as those of the Genesis HS series, operate without sliding electrical contacts and are characterised by the exclusive system that allows the motorised pre-stretch units to be powered by batteries which are recharged during the machine stoppages coinciding with pallet infeed and outfeed. This technical solution, as well as eliminating all problems typical of sliding contacts, also results in a significant reduction of the total weight of the machine and correct balancing of the rotating masses. All this, in addition to guaranteeing lower investment costs and, consequently, high levels of competitiveness guarantees: low consumption of electricity, low maintenance, high reliability and long service life. The design philosophy has focused on minimising transport costs e installation times with positive economic effects on the final user.


•One motor on board with batteries to pre-stretch since thebeginning of the wrapping cycle
• Fixed pre-stretch up to 300%
•Optional kits for different pre-stretch ratios
• Up to 12 containment force values on the same load
• Containment force/corner compensation: analog sensor