CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Sealers
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CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Sealers

Product #: CSSSCMSS

CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Sealers

The CSS Series Side Sealer is Texwrap’s continuous-motion side seal offering for applications demanding high throughput speeds with maximum package flexibility. This series machine has been one of Texwrap’s most popular wrappers due to its speed and versatility. The CSS Series machines are “box-motion” style wrapper in which the device making the end seal moves horizontally with the product as the seal is being made. When the seal is complete, the head raises and the carriage returns to make the next seal. The vertical sealing motion is servo controlled which gives the operator control of the dwell time and the seal pressure from the touchscreen. The horizontal carriage motion uses Texwrap's patented hybrid pneumatic cam system which allows very fast movement of the carriage back and forth to seal and separate packages without the harsh stops and starts inherent in competitive systems. This allows maximum throughput speeds with long term reliability and minimum maintenance. Another feature increasing throughput speed, is Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim technology which electronically minimizes the motion of the end seal device.


•Standard auto-spacing control using vertical and horizontal photoeyes
•Horizontal and vertical photoeye controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag length
•Automatic autospace tuning feature adjusts machine to match upstream production
•Texwrap patented Motion Trim™ Technology that increases throughput by the running infeed and exit conveyors while seal jaws are in motion.
•Self contained film scrap wind-up system with automatic speed compensating dancer bar control