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Product #: TIREWRAP


Designed specifically to wrap motorcycle, ATV, go kart and lawnmower tires up to 33″ in diameter, the Compacta Tire stretch wrapper eliminates expensive and time consuming corrugated packaging. Innovative features including vertical power guides to position and rotate tires during wrapping; and a color touchscreen control panel capable of running pre-set programs set the standard in tire wrapping. Safe, simple operation includes automatic film clamping, cutting and heat sealing unit. All Compactas feature constant film tensioning to improve package integrity and reduce film breaks.


•Intuitive 7" color touchscreen control panel provides quick and easy access to machine operation. Up to 20 custom programs can be stored and recalled.
•Gravity rollers embedded on infeed and outfeed tables provide a smooth transition into the wrap zone while helping direct the product into the center of the guide rollers.
•Self-centering guides center product in the ring and automatically rotate the product to provide a smooth, contiguous wrap--suitable for shipping.
•Automatic clamp, cut and seal unit neatly cuts the film after wrapping and seals the film tail to the product.