Chicago Coding Sphere Laser
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Chicago Coding Sphere Laser


3D Laser Marking Machine

Adopting the front focusing optical design and fit with the ga-lvanometer and software, we launch the 3—axis dynamic focusing system. Laser source output the light spot focus through dynamic focus lens, and it will according to the distance between every point on workpiece surface to the lens, to change the focal length by soft-ware algorithm, so that it can make sure all of the spot will focus on the workpiece surface. The fastest speed of this optical design's mac-hine up to 15000 mm/s, it increase almost 40 — 50% to the rear one.



•Autofocus to detect focus distance with one touch
•Automatically controls lifting and marking height adjustments
•Easy integratable designs for any desk or flat surfaces
•Simple installation and parts makes maintenance easy and can be done under 10 minutes
•No contact with products during processing