BVS Series Box-Motion Vertical Wrappers
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BVS Series Box-Motion Vertical Wrappers

Product #: BVSBMVW

BVS Series Box-Motion Vertical Wrappers

The BVS Series machines take the CSS horizontal wrappers technology and applies it to wrap products in the upright position. Vertical wrappers are used to wrap multipacks of products such as bottles, cans, jars, or canisters directly from a filler. The BVS Vertical Sealers are ideally suited to multipacks or variety packs that exit upstream equipment in a vertical position. Vertical sealers provide packagers a way to shrink wrap these packs without the labor and expense of laying them down prior to wrapping on side sealing systems. The BVS series sealers also eliminate the need for a "boot" to collate the product before sealing. The end result is a very secure and attractive package. To further enhance retail appearance, the BVS can also be combined with an Automatic Label Positioning System (Orientor) and all the labels in of a multipack of product will be facing precisely the same direction. In applications where the boot was also used to hide bar codes, the packager can now use printed film or a label to hide the bar codes and identify the new unit as a multipack to create the most attractive and secure package. Texwrap does not use a bottom lap seal which can fail or an unsightly side seam on the face of the package. Instead, we use our exclusive Versa Seal system to create a full, secure bottom trim seal.


•Patented Texwrap's Versa Seal (TVS) bottom trim seal technology.
•Servo controlled seal jaws allowing operation at a higher rate and still maintain consistent, precision seals.
•Texwrap patented Motion Trim™ Technology that increases throughput by the running infeed and exit conveyors while seal jaws are in motion.
•Upstream/downstream handshaking, feeder controls, optional quick connect cable system for additional equipment.
•Independent conveyor control allows relaxed film at cross seal and transitions.