BetterPack 755eMA
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BetterPack 755eMA

Product #: BP755EMA


The Better Pack 755eS and 755eM excel in demanding, fast-paced environments, especially when sealing random-sized cartons. The 755eS is engineered for 115V and the 755eM is engineered for 220V. Twenty preset buttons provide exceptional operational flexibility with one touch, quickly handling different box sizes. Since the dispensers accommodate tape that is up to 4 inches wide (10.2 cm), they are particularly good for applications requiring extra reinforcement, such as when shipping large or heavy items.



•Top heater warms the water to more efficiently activate the bondaging agent of the tape
•Color coded touchpad that have one touch capabilities
•Safety switch cover that prevents the cutting mechanism from activating during turnover
•Steel frame with hardcover plastic creates a very durable design
•Tape dispenses at a rate of 45" per second