BestPack MBF-T
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BestPack MBF-T

Product #: BPMBFT

Manual Tilting Bottom Flap Folder Packing Station

The BestPackTM MBF-T is a bottom flap folder and packing station has a rotating/tilting bed that closes the bottom flaps and holds the carton in a tilted position while the operator fills the carton. The operator then activates a switch that causes the packing station to rotate to a standing positon and the operator then pushes the carton to the next station. The ergonomic design of the tilting bed provides a better packing angle for the product being packed in the carton by the operator. The MBF-T is a great addition to BestPack’s flagship carton sealers and provides a total packing line solution.

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• Manually operated by hand
• Seals up to 6 Cartons per minute 
• Seals the bottom flap of each case or carton 
• This handles uniform carton sealing 
• Ergonomic tilt design to assist in operator comfort during carton sealing