Aetna Robopac Robot S6HD
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Aetna Robopac Robot S6HD

Product #: ROBOPCS6

Robopac’s Robot S6 reduces film costs 30%-55% over competitive stretch wrap machines, while improving load containment.

The portability of the Robot S6 can deliver 20+% productivity improvement in order picked warehouse applications with minimal impact to your current processes. Move the wrapper to the load or the load to the wrapper, whichever is fastest and easiest.?
Pro-Active corner compensation combines the latest in load cell and encoder technologies giving you the ability to apply film to any load securely without crushing the corners of your load, while increasing containment on the flat sides.
Multi-level containment force settings on the control panel deliver optimal containment force at each level and enable delivery of the highest pre-stretch levels.
Strategic film placement allows you to place the film exactly where it has the most impact on load containment.
Nine wrapping menus allow you to pre-program wrap parameters to effectively wrap varied loads with minimal operator interaction. Program your most common wrap settings and recall them at the touch of your finger.

Variable pre-stretch ensures the best film economy for any load. It also allows you to get the highest containment and best film economy from any stretch film. Robopac’s Variable Pre-Stretch Technology delivers 30% to 55% film savings.



• Variable pre-stretch allows you to adjust machine to get the best containment and the best economy from every film on every load.
• Roll carriage features an automatic stopping device to prevent accidental falls.
• Manual towing controls provide maximum comfort and allow for precise positioning of the robot.
• Emergency stop bumper with dual sensors detect the slightest resistance and automatically ends cycle on contact.
• High-frequency battery charger for 110V to 240V. Works with both acid and gel batteries.
• Unit can be relocated manually, without power, using the idle wheel feature.
• Encoders on the roll carriage’s dual motors provide complete control of pre-stretch and containment force.
• “QLS” (Quick Load System) allows for safe, quick and easy film loading.
• Guide wheel height can be adjusted easily, without the use of tools.
  • Wrap Height : 122"
  • Load Weight Capacity : Unlimited
  • Standard Pre-Stretch : Variable to 400%
  • Film Width : 20"
  • Electrical Requirements : 110VAC (Charger requirement)

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