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Bel 451 Case Former
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The BEL 451 is a semi-automatic poly bag inserter / case former & pack station with bottom only case taping. It is designed for manual bulk filling lines where a poly bag liner is required to be inserted into the case before filling. The operator positions the case on the vacuum plenum with the minor flaps folded, places the liner in the case and cuffs it over the open top flaps.

The vacuum then draws the bag fully into the case leaving no voids in the box corners. The case is then moved forward into the conveyor where tape is automatically applied to seal the bottom flaps closed. The lined case is then ready to be filled.

The BEL 451 semi-automatic poly bag inserter / case former is a cost effective, clean approach to providing bulk filling lines with a ready, on demand supply of lined cases while improving operating efficiencies and ergonomic safety.

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Semi-Automatic Poly Bag Inserter / Case Former - BEL 451 Features & Benefits

  • -Poly bag is quickly drawn fully into the case leaving no voids in the box corners
  • -Improves safety by eliminating costly repetitive strain injury problems
  • -Modular design allows for a customized BEL system delivered to you at an off-the-shelf lead time and price


  • -Adjustable box stand
  • -A-42 Rotary Accumulation Turntable
  • -Total Lock Caster Wheels with Extension Adjustment
  • -Roller Conveyor for Infeed & Outfeed
  • -Flexible Conveyor
  • -Spare Parts Kits for Machine Maintenance
  • -S-10 Packing Conveyor with Programmable Weigh Scale
  • -ErgoLevel Packing Height Adjustment Option


  • -1" Heavy Duty Acme Screws
  • -Motor and Gear Reducer
  • -C Channel Aluminum Frame
  • -Dekka Tape Head
  • -Magnetic Motor Starter
  • -Uni-Drive

BEL Advantages

BEL products are ideal for packaging lines that do not warrant full automation because of specific requirements like:

  • -Frequent case size changes
  • -Many different case sizes and pack configurations
  • -Limited floor space
  • -Manual inspection of the products
  • -Limited technical staff
  • -The high price of automated case packers and erectors
  • -Low volume
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