BEL 130 Case Sealer, Semi-Automatic Formers and Sealers BEL_130_Case_Sealer__Semi-Automatic_Formers_and_Sealers

BEL 130 Case Sealer, Semi-Automatic Formers and Sealers
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The BEL 130 is a quick change, semi-automatic, pressure sensitive, uniform case taper. It is a sturdy, quality built semi-automatic bottom belt case taper designed for simple and convenient tape application. Equipped with state of the art DEKKA High Performance tape heads and quick 30 second size changes, the BEL 130 semi-automatic case taper can seal a wide range of case sizes at speeds up to 30 cases per minute. The BEL 130 pressure sensitive case taper is an ideal choice for packagers presently hand taping cases but wishing to automate at a practical investment cost.

Pressure Sensitive Case Taper - BEL 130 Features & Benefits

  • -Speed: 30 cases per minute (CPM)
  • -30 second size changes
  • -Can run a wide range of case sizes
  • -DEKKA High Performance tape heads
  • -Modular design allows for a customized BEL system delivered to you at an off-the-shelf lead time and price


  • -Adjustable box stand
  • -A-42 Rotary Accumulation Turntable
  • -Total Lock Caster Wheels with Extension Adjustment
  • -Roller Conveyor for Infeed & Outfeed
  • -Flexible Conveyor
  • -Spare Parts Kits for Machine Maintenance
  • -S-10 Packing Conveyor with Programmable Weigh Scale
  • -ErgoLevel Packing Height Adjustment Option


  • -Motor and Gear Reducer
  • -Dekka Tape Head
  • -Magnetic Motor Starter

BEL Advantages

BEL products are ideal for packaging lines that do not warrant full automation because of specific requirements like:

  • -Frequent case size changes
  • -Many different case sizes and pack configurations
  • -Limited floor space
  • -Manual inspection of the products
  • -Limited technical staff
  • -The high price of automated case packers and erectors
  • -Low volume