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Better Pack 555e Tape Dispenser
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Increase Productivity and Efficiency
If you're currently using handheld tape guns to apply plastic pressure-sensitive tape to your cartons, you should know that Better Pack 555e Series dispensers can help improve the productivity and ergonomics at your packaging workstations.
For the maximum level of carton sealing automation, upgrade the Better Pack 555eSA with an Automatic Measuring Device (AMD). Add the AMD to increase productivity, improve carton sealing efficiency and reduce material waste.

The Better Pack 555e Series dispensers were extensively tested and put through more than 1.5 million cycles without any defects. It is the only electronic water-activated tape dispenser in the industry that is UL Approved.

The following are a few of thesafety features that have earned the Better Pack 555e exclusive UL Approval:

  • -Thermal cutoff: prevents the motor from overheating after extensive, uninterrupted use.
  • -Safety interlock switch: disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open—critical when loading tape or clearing debris from the tape path.
  • -Low voltage heater, steel side frames, flame-retardant plastic, high grade solenoid link and zinc plated stainless steel parts: serious construction for the ultimate in user protection.

Features and Benefits

  • -A micro-processor based control system enhances reliability and allows the Better Pack 555eSA to be interfaced with PCs, printers, weighing scales, shipping systems, foot pedals and measuring devices to achieve the ultimate carton sealing solution
  • -For ease of operation, improved "soft-touch" tactile feel and durable performance.
  • -Stainless steel tape path and steel side frames for added strength and longevity.
  • -Superior brush wetting system ensures proper activation and wetting of tape adhesive.
  • -Fully electronic control system improves reliability and serviceability.
  • -Programmable keys (BP555eSA) - Set tape lengths up to 120" depending on model increments. Tape length is adjustable (up or down) in 1/2" increments.
  • -Random length key to allow tape to be dispensed at any length.
  • -Large tape capacity- for fewer changeovers (1,000 Foot tape Roll.)
  • -Extra heavy duty, self-oiling blade for superior, consistent cutting.
  • -Steel frame construction covered with ABS plastic for strength, durability and impact resistance.
  • -20% increase in motor power for longer life, cooler running and smoother operation.
  • -Extra long (detachable) electrical cord for improved operator ease, comfort and safety.
  • -Designed for easy mounting on work surfaces.
  • -Larger water bottle capacity, for fewer refills and less down time.
  • -Improved, adjustable top heater ensures superior tape adhesion and performance. Plus, it's thermostatically controlled and low voltage - for safe long life operation and permits for the use of an extensive variety of tapes


Size: 20" x 12.5"W x 12" H (51 x 32 x 30 cm)
Dispensing Speed: Up to 45" per second (114 cm)
Water Bottle Capacity: 47 ounces
Shipping Weight: 32 lbs. (15 kg)
Power Requirements: 115 volts, 60 Hz, 5 amps; UL listed, CSA (CUL) Tape Width: 1 *" to 3"W (3.8 to 7.7cm)
Maximum Roll Size: Up to 1000 ft. of tape; up to 10" diameter roll (25cm)
Maximum Roll Size: Up to 1000 ft. of tape; up to 10" diameter roll (25cm)
Warranty: 2 years parts, 6 months labor
The Better Pack 555e is available in several models that are designed to fit your packing specifications. The seven models have the same physical characteristics, with the exception of the keypads and related functions. Tape Lengths Dispensed (Front Keys):
555eS 6" - 45" (15 - 114 cm)
555eSA 6" - 45" (15 - 114 cm)
555eL 12" - 90" (30 - 228 cm)
555eLA 12" - 90" (30 - 228 cm)
555eM 10 - 140 cm (metric)
555eMA 10 - 140 cm (metric)
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